Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year, New Beginning

Each new year signals the opportunity for a new beginning, but 2008 does even more so. This new year begins with a 1/1/1 stargate, a fantastic opportunity for starting fresh.

During the last days of this old year, take the time to clean out anything that no longer serves a purpose. Call on snake to help you in this endeavor, ask that you may shed your past as snake sheds her skin, all at once, leaving behind that which no longer serves and going forward with only your essential self.

When you clean out the old, energetically you make room for new to come in. Say a mantra or prayer as you clean out anything old. For items that are going to Good Will or other donation service, ask that the items serve a new meaningful purpose and bring good for the new recipients. For anything that you are throwing away or shredding, ask that the old energy be released and reused by the Universe.

Be sure to ask for what you want to fill the void that is left by cleaning out so that you don't start filling up all of the space with more of the same if it is no longer desired.

For instance, when shredding old credit card receipts you may ask that wealth replace the debt incurred. For old letters or articles, if it represents an unfulfilled wish, ask yourself if the wish is still relevant. Perhaps a new desire is more important. Don't linger over the unfulfilled trip, recipe, book, but instead think of the new that is now a part of your life to be.

Leaving behind also means resisting old habits, eliminating old emotional baggage, and making room for healthy new habits and wonderful new people.

Be sure to leave as much behind as possible in time for the stargate. Then you will be ready to accept the new gifts that are offered by the Universe. 2008 offers several 1/1/1 stargates if this one catches you unprepared or not quite ready to let go.

Enjoy this gift from the universe.

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