Monday, April 14, 2008

April Shamanism Column

Welcome to the Monthly Shamanism Column



In addition to the usual power animals for the month, I have been impressed by the two catastrophic crane accidents – one in New York and one in Miami – in the past couple of weeks. I realized that I have also heard several mentions of the Yoga/Tai Chi crane position in these same couple of weeks. This brings up an important point when searching for your own power animal; your own power animal may communicate to you through a variety of means – in animate form, on television, in symbols. When an animal, or in this case something named for an animal, calls your attention repeatedly, it is important for you to notice and seek the meaning that this spirit is trying to impart to you. When I studied the crane’s meaning, it does ring true for me at this point in my life.

If you welcome the animal spirit’s message, it is important to seek an appropriate way to thank the spirit, for spirit has gone to great effort to impart a message to you. This may be lighting a special candle, offering a gift to nature, or finding some representation of the animal to carry with you for a few days. It is also proper to ask the spirit guide for a message. Now on to the universal messengers for April.


For April, students of astrology in the United States typically associate the power animal Ram, associated with the sign Aries. The Ram’s energetic message can be summed up as balance as you climb. Rams are agile, quick, intelligent and rely on their undisturbed sense of landing ok as they forge ahead into unchartered territories. Those new lands are often up, whether on the corporate ladder or Mount Everest. Ram’s great imagination and energy fuel the upward ascent, as well as Ram’s ability to take quick action when opportunity presents itself. The shadow side of Ram lies in his warrior personality. Be careful not to climb over loved ones and others on that ascent.
The Native American power animal for the month of April is the Falcon. Lessons of the Falcon echo the warnings for Ram’s shadow. Falcon is a high flyer, an individual. But Falcon medicine workers must learn that greater good comes from sharing, and that individuality does not have to be sacrificed to work in harmony with others.
The Mayan calendar brings us the energy of Fox at this time of year. Fox, like Ram, is creative and ingenious and swift in taking action. When Fox enters your life, look for new beginnings, new creative processes. Unlike Ram, Fox teaches us gentleness and imparts feminine energies for balance. Fox teaches stillness as well as swiftness. Fox asks us to work in harmony with our surroundings and to develop patience and persistence.

The heavens and the power animals are offering us the opportunity to seek balance and harmony, and to learn how to climb or fly to our highest goals quickly. As so many of the energy workers are stating, now is the time of instant manifestation. Our animal guides can help us learn to manifest in harmony with the common good, without causing harm or injury to others. .


I asked Fox to guide me on my journey for April. Most journeys are usually that, we go somewhere. But Fox just came and sat by me. The first step in any journey is to sit quietly and decide where to go. Where do you want to go?

All things are possible. All can be manifested. But if you don’t sit in stillness and determine what it is you want, where you want to go, what you will try to achieve, you may not like what you get or where you end up.

Begin at the beginning. Begin in harmony. Fox teaches patience. Good things come to those who wait. In an age of instant manifestation, we will all be called upon to know ourselves and be sure of where we are going.

This is not to say that we cannot change our minds after we start out, but that whenever we change course, we must take a moment to sit again in stillness.

Thank you Fox for your gifts.


The most appropriate feature of the April calendar for personal practice is Earth Day, April 22. Find a way to thank our Mother Earth on this day especially for her constant support of us and every other inhabitant on the planet.

When opening sacred space, we ask the Mother to help us be good guardians of all who live on the Earth, of the stone people, the plant people, the 4-legged and 2-legged, the finned and the furred. With so many ways to offer thanks to the Earth, we should each be able to do something every day to reinforce our connection with her. Recycling, reducing energy use, going green, eating organic are all ways everyone can participate.

My own favorite new way of working for a cleaner Earth is to use or whenever I’m planning a purchase. By reusing something that is already in the system, think of all the packaging, transportation and manufacturing waste that can be saved.

Dreaming for the world to come